February 13, 2007


It seems like Colton is losing a tooth almost every day now! He is very excited about this and especially about the money he is saving up through all of this!

Here is a picture of him - doesn't he look cute? (Actually a little freaky!)

It looks like we are entering the wonderful world of Renovations soon. The main area that we need to do is the kitchen! We are very excited about all this and have been having fun looking at everything and getting ideas. But we need to make some decisions soon! Unfortunately, we will probably sell the house after we are done because of Jamie going to the depot! But it is a new chapter, and we are excited about it all!

January 3, 2007

More Pictures

The girls!
The Boys!
Fun Auntie
Crazy Uncle


The Photographer of the Year!Stunning Brooke! Perfect shot!
Jamie & Carter in their PJ's
Jasper taking it all in!
Cutie Pie Adrah!

Happy New Year

Wow, it was a crazy December here in the Heron house! Filled with Christmas Pageants, school parties, Dance shows, last minute shopping, and not to mention SICKNESS!!!
But is now the new year, and the beginning of a new chapter!

We had a lot of fun and down time during Christmas holidays, but we are now back to the grind with Jamie and I going back to work.

Here are a couple of pictures of our fun holiday time that Brooke took with her new camera (the only digital camera in the house!). Brooke is an aspiring photographer...and I have to say that she does have the 'eye'!

I will post in a couple of days...but will put up some pictures until then....