November 30, 2011

It's been awhile

I guess its been more than a little while......I kind of go through cycles with this blog.  I am really going to try to stay consistant...we will see.

I want this to be more of an outlet for me to say what's on my mind and what I am going through at this moment.  I try to be "real" and "transparent" in my daily life.  But those are words that are so over-used and is anyone ever that real?  Does anyone really want to know people's "real" actions, thoughts, or feelings?  Maybe that is just TOO MUCH INFORMATION haha.

Well I will be as real as I can and see where that takes me!

Trying to finish off a Christmas gift at the moment.  In June I had the great idea of making a blanket for each of my kids for Christmas.  Great idea, maybe I should have thought about it in January instead of June!!!

I have been crocheting NON STOP now for 5 months!  Don't get me wrong - I do love it...but under a time constraint it does get a little bit panicky sometimes!!!  But I am on the last blanket and its ALMOST done!  Yayayayaya!  I am just on the border - it's the home stretch!

I will post pictures of each of the blankets at some point - but here is a picture of the one I am finishing up now.  Its called "BullsEye".  It is in my son's favorite colours and I love the pattern and the colour combination.  I have to say I am not thrilled about how I joined the blocks.  They are raised slightly from the Slip Stitch Join that I did.  Next time I will try a Slip Stitch, Chain 1 join. I still love it though and I know my little guy will love it too!!

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