June 4, 2009

Can I Buy A Vowel?

So as I said in an earlier post - I really wanted to learn to crochet and create some fun stuff.

Last week my friend taught me to crochet and with her help and the land of YouTube I laboured along. Below is a picture of my sad "scarf" that I have been practicing on all week. No it is not supposed to be a "triangular' scarf. Not too sure what I was doing wrong. But ignore the edges and look how pretty the middle looks!
I absolutely LOVE Granny-Square blankets and that was what I truly wanted to create first. It's a great project for the summer time because you only crochet one square at a time - so I can bring it with me wherever I go - camping, travelling, picnics, EVERYWHERE! LOL! :)
I convinced my friend Elizabeth (the one who taught me all I know), to make one as well - so off to Michaels yesterday morning we went after kids drop-off. Well it took us a short 2 hours to FINALLY pick out our yarn and and a pattern. There is just WAY to much selection. This is the pattern that we are following! Isn't it pretty? I showed Jamie the pattern and he said to me "That doesn't look like no Granny to me!". Nice.
I really wanted to make a 'Fun' blanket and not go with my natural inclinations of 'safe' colours like neutrals, etc. I need to expand my horizons! So I have decided to go with a semi-not-safe colourway of Linen/Aqua/Pink. I know - I am so crazy!
The pink will be the center colour, then the aqua, and the border (main) colour will be linen! Anyways, it may not be crazy - but it is going to be really cute!
Who knew that our good friend and highly talented letter turner - VANNA WHITE, is a major crochet-granny in her spare time! She even has her own line of yarn! Beauty, a million fancy dresses, and yarn! She has it all! (sorry that the picture is upside down - I have no idea why that is!)

Elizabeth and I picked up our sons from Kindergarten and knew that we could never go back to our houses and do housework! Not with a pattern and our yarn all picked out! So we decided to head to the park and start our blankets while our kids played! See - we are always thinking of our kids needs first! :)

This was my first attempt at the middle of my 1st square. I know - its sooo sad.

At 3:50 we decided we should go pick up our other children from school and we were talking to a friend and teacher of our kids. Being the great salespeople that we are - we convinced her to join our "Granny-Along"! But because we had already started - we did not want to wait long for her to buy all her stuff. So we decided that after soccer that night - we would drop all the kids off and go back to Michaels to buy all her supplies! Yes...we are dorks.
So after a quick game of soccer - we ran home - dropped the kids off - and drove out to Michaels. Picked up Denise's yarn and then sat in her mini-van to decide what the next plan was. Of course we came to the conclusion that we needed food and somewhere to sit with our crochet. For some reason we thought the "Cheesecake Cafe" was the perfect place.
I am ashamed to say that we sat in a booth at The Cheescake Cafe eating Cheescake, and Cheese Bread - crocheting Granny Squares. There, I said it.

This is what I created. Its my second 'middle'. Getting a bit better!
Anyways, we may be dorky "grannies" - but we are having a blast - and that's the most important thing - right?!