March 2, 2009


It is amazing to me the power that I contain when I push forward. I think we live in an age where when you have the slightest bump in the road - people overreact and chalk it up to some kind of diagnosis. Oh - she is depressed, oh she is suffering from blah blah blah. Its all just excuses.

Now, I am not saying this those things do not exist - because of course they do! But nowadays as a society we tend to panic and create the need to explain everything. It really annoys me, and quite frankly, I think it is VERY dangerous and negative.

I think I am going to live my life day to day, I will take the knocks as they come (and they WILL come), and I will take the amazing Highs as they come (and yes, they WILL come).

When I follow my passions, that is is when I am most alive. That is where I get motivation, and identity, and success. So I am going to follow my passions and listen with one ear to the 'whisperings', and with the other ear I will listen to myself, and to God.

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