January 20, 2012

Granny Stashbuster

I am super excited about my current project.  After Christmas I was trying to decide what my next big project should be and I thought I would finally tackle the amazing and gorgeous BABETTE.  
Gorgeous isn't it?!  It has been on my "To Do" list for a couple of years now!  The babette uses up to 17 different colours and you assemble it in 10 different sections. 
It is definately a large project to take on.

I really felt I needed a small break before I took on the Babette so I decided to start a really really fun and somewhat mindless project.  So here comes the GRANNIES!!!

I absolutely LOVE Granny Squares!  They hold a nostalgic feeling to me and are very vintage!  Just what I love!  The amazing thing about granny squares is that depending on their placement and colour choice they take on such different looks!
Here are some amazing granny blankets that are very insipiring to me.
On a group I am in on Ravelry called the Vanna`s Choice Group, I joined a Granny Stashbuster Swap.  How this works is we crochet 4 round grannies and send 6 different ones to each of the 14 participants using only Vanna`s Choice Yarn.  The key is to only use what you have in your `stash`, we shouldn`t be going out and buying any new yarn!

Here is my Vanna Stash:
Once we receive our grannies we can join them any way we would like.  I have decided to join mine with black because I really like the vintage look to it and it is very simple. 
I took my final inspiration for my blanket from this picture.
I have completed 24 blocks so far (only 60 to go!).  Take a look at these that I have sent out!

I have Granny Fever!


  1. Can you scan me a copy of the pattern for Babette, I'm not a fan of granny squares, always seem to have an issue joining them. Did you get the pattern I gave your mom? I see it's featured in the latest Mary Maxim catalogue. I think it is absolutely gorgeous, but I was having issues with it so decided to leave it for awhile and tackle something different. I'm going to send you a poem that I came up with. I'll do it tonight after work. Auntie Nancy

  2. very nice inspration, grannies can be addicting:)