January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012!  It feels so great to begin a new year with exciting prospects on the horizon, and a fresh view on things to come!

I promised that I would post finished pictures of the afghans I made for each of my kids! 
So here you go!

This one I made for my oldest (and so very handsome son)! 
I made this next one for my lovely daughter!

And last but not least - this fun one for my baby!!

We had a wonderful Christmas back home with our family and friends, but it is nice to be back to our normal schedule and get some fresh and new things started!

I also have a new project on the go, and completing some unfinished projects that have been on hold!  It will feel good to get them done and crossed off my 'To-do' List.  I will post about it next time!

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  1. Wow! I tried to pick my favourite but they're all so beautiful! I think I like your daughter's the best :)


    Shannon Ganshorn

  2. They all turned out great!! How excited were they to receive them??? Especially when they all thought they were for someone else?? ha ha

    1. They were super excited and haven't slept or sat on the couch without them since!!

      I totally thought that they were starting to get suspicious - but they really had no idea they were for them and were surprised!!

  3. Sneaky mom! So glad that the surprise held out until the very end. You did such a great job on all three! Beautiful designs and colour combinations.

    Happy 2012!