October 7, 2010

So many Pies...So little time!

Yay!  I remembered to take out my turkey today!!  When hubbie came home from work this morning at 4am - he even wrote me a "Take out the Turkey" note and put it on the kitchen counter so that I would see it when I got up.  I guess my reputation precedes me!  HaHa!

So now that the turkey is taken care of, we need to move on to more important things - DESSERT!!!  I am truthfully not a huge dessert person - but I LOVE pies!! 

I've been scouring the internet for some new and yummy pie recipies and have narrowed my search down to these three (click on the titles to see the recipies):

We definately will be needing all three I think!!  I usually have my daughter help with the pie making - it's a tradition we have made the last couple of years!

Can't wait to eat!!! 

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