December 5, 2011


Photo Inspiration on the project I hinted on the other day!! Can't wait to show you the end result! Enjoy this teaser for now! Felted Soap Inspiration 1. Comfort, 2. Cold Process Felted soaps in Jasmine Scent/ Sorbet Sunset color palette by luckyloulou, 3. Felted Pebble Soap, 4. Felted Soap 096, 5. Felted Soap 092, 6. A Pile of Felted Soap Pebbles, 7. Polka Dot Felted Soap, 8. felted soap in bowl, 9. Highland Suds Felted Soap Pin It


  1. Oooo! I can't wait to see what you create!

    Ok... I might sound dumb, but I haven't been around a lot of cool, crafty people like you for a long while - do you use the soap while it's still in the felt? I love the top center picture. They look like candies!

  2. Yes, you use the soap while it's in the felt. Wool is a natural antibacterial fibre and it acts as a washcloth while you use it. The felt just continues to shrink as you use it. Your soap actually lasts at least double the time it usually does in the shower/bath!!! Email me your address and I will mail you one!

    I am so excited about these!! :)