December 1, 2011

On a side needle

I am still working on the border for the blanket I showed you yesterday.  I have about 1 1/2 more rows to go until freedom!!

A few weeks ago I was in a blanket overload and needed to do something different.  So I decided to teach myself something I have been dying to try FOREVER!  Knitting on double pointed needles. 
This has intimidated me for years and I have been putting it off, so I finally decided that enough was enough.  I know how to knit on 2 needles, how difficult can it be if millions of other knitters can do it?  Haha - famous last words.

I pulled up some YouTube videos, checked out tutorials all over the web, and even read some knitting forums to guide me through this black hole.  I decided my first project on dpn would be this Thermis Cowl by Kris Knits.
Isn't it GORGEOUS!  So after a couple sips of my Pinot Grigio, and some deep breaths, I tackled this challenge.  Now don't get me wrong, I may be clever, but there is something about 5 tiny, sharp, demon possessed needles that almost drove me over the edge.  This is the reason I put learning this off for so long, haha.

Well, after a day or so(ok 4!), I finally mastered those needles.  Ok not quite - but I actually managed to knit up about 1 inch on those bad boys!  Yay!  This is the picture of what I completed!
At this point I am prancing around my house giggling and showing off to my kids and hubbie my masterpiece, and then I take a closer look when I stretch it out......and on EVERY pattern for dpn it tells you to MAKE SURE YOUR STITCHES ARE NOT TWISTED.  Easy right?????? Not so much.  Ya, you got stitches are twisted.  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! 

That is when I gently, and gracefully (with no frustration, or beeping words of any kind), set aside my beautiful dpn Thermis Cowl to work on another day.  It will be ripped apart and I will begin again.  Patience is a virtue right?!  ARGH!

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  1. I think it looks great! But, I know how it is when you want to get something just right. Anything short of that just isn't good enough. Kudos to you for facing your biggest challenge! You'll whip it into the submission, I just know it.