November 7, 2008

Peony Project

Wow, I have been so busy the last couple of days....I have been thinking non-stop about this post and wanted to post it days ago - but there has been no time!

Anyways, I am very excited about this new project that I have started. A few years ago I inherited a antique sewing table with bench and have wanted to do something with it since then. In the place we are currently living, my ensuite has a dressing table section with room for a stool to put on makeup on, etc. I have decided to reupholster the bench to go there.

So in the last couple of weeks I have been scouring the internet at quilting sites, fabric sites, fabric designer sites, and ebay and finally narrowed down my search to the most beautiful fabric designed by my favorite fabric designer Amy Butler. The fabric is called Sky/Tree Peony.

Here is a picture of this GORGEOUS fabric.
I think I am going to paint the base of the bench in off white which I think will make the fabric pop. I LOVE all of Amy Butler fabrics., they are all so bold, somewhat vintage inspired, and lots of prints!

I found a great site on Ebay to buy the fabric for an incredible price, but there is this quilting store here in Calgary that I have been dying to check out called My Sewing Room. It is apparently the largest quilting store in Canada. It has hundreds of fabrics, notions, quilting supplies, etc. It even has this special lighting that imitates sunlight so that when you are picking out fabric - you see the actual colour of the fabric (not tinted by fluorescent lighting). Very cool!

So on Wednesday when I dropped off my daughter for Gymnastics training I took off to the SE to check it out. Well, let's just say I was in there for over 2 1/2 hrs! They even had a selection of Amy Butler fabrics and I couldn't resist picking up a yard of the above fabric for my project. I know I am a geek, but I am so excited about starting into the quilting world that the whole time I was there - I was literally shaking! LOL!

I have been so pumped to start my bench project, and had it all ready to go and then realized that I don't know where our staple gun is. It must be still packed away in the garage. I AM SO ANNOYED. You know how you get that burst of adrenaline before a project? Well, that bubble is caught between my heart and my mouth now just wanting to burst! So my goal tonight is to find that staple gun...I'll let you know how it goes!!

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  1. I love this fabric in blue...I only have it in green...