November 9, 2008

Special Day

So yesterday was my birthday....I woke up to freshly brewed coffee made by my 9 year old son, and peanut butter toast (my favorite) made by my 7 year old daughter! What a great way to wake up!

My husband had to work, but surprised me with some beautiful red roses that smell great, and 2 books that had been on my wish list for awhile! The books are: "Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson & "Seams to Me" by Anna Maria Horner. They are beautiful books, with great pictures and really simple and creative patterns! I am so excited to start tackling them!

I had a great day going out for the day with my kids and then coming home to watch a movie with them. We watched "Kit Kitteredge - An American Girl" which was really sweet, even my 9 year old son thought it was great! I have the best kids ever. They are so thoughtful and wanted to make my day as special as it possibly could be!

By the way - I found my staple gun in the garage! But wouldn't you know it - I had no staples in it! So tomorrow I will make a run to the Home Depot and pick up some so I can actually finish my bench project.
I have a couple of other projects on the go right now as well. One is a knitted afghan for my adorable niece Charlotte. Now Charlotte just turned 2 years old at the end of September and I
started making her a blanket when she was born! Unfortunately my life has been full of craziness the last couple of years and knitting a blanket has been something I have not been able to focus on. But of course my sister (Charlotte's Mommy) is wondering where this 'baby blanket' is! So now that Charlotte is not a baby any more - I have decided to make her an afghan instead. I have found a pattern that I like that is pretty classic. What do you think of it?
So I have started that and it is going well. Hopefully I will complete it before she is married and I have to make her a wedding present! I'll let you know how it goes! :)

The other project I am working on is this cute knitted baby bunny. I have a few people in my life that are pregnant and I think this would be such a cute gift! Click HERE for the pattern.

I will post some pictures of my progress on these 2 projects soon!

How are you liking the Christmas theme I am going with? I LOVE Christmas as I'm sure you all do too! Make sure you play the Santa Game on the right side of the page - it is SO addicting!

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